Robert Balan

Robert Balan, from across the globe

With a solid education in the very special atmosphere of the Philippines and professional experience that has taken him from New York to London, via Toronto, Robert Balan has built up his experience of the financial markets in all four corners of the globe.

Robert Balan’s track record testifies both to his interest in institutional players (SwissLife) and to the breadth of his analyses, which are truly international in scope (Lloyds Bank, Bank of America).

A unique contact
The richness of this career path, like his passion for investment, makes Robert Balan a unique person to deal with. Even though his thinking has been nurtured by the wide variety of his experiences, it fits into no fixed mould.

Hence the financial analyses he published in the 80s attracted much attention, both by their freedom of tone and their acuity. Today, Robert Balan models asset price trends and enables Diapason to benefit from his stature and his talent.

Find here three examples of Robert Balan's analysis (Commodities Insight Weekly, Commodities & Markets Focus and Special Report).





A comprehensive range of solutions covering
the whole spectrum of needs
Thanks to its unique expertise in the commodities management field, Diapason Commodities Management offers a comprehensive range of solutions covering the whole spectrum of investor needs. The commodities market is uncorrelated with share and bond fluctuations over the long term... [+]



Commodities Insight (25.07.2016)
Austerity is on the way out, fiscal spending is in: Can the trough of interest rates be far behind?
The main challenge facing the world economy is a shortfall in aggregate demand. This has been reflected in a surfeit of savings over investment, or equivalently, an excess of output over desired spending. The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) altered preferences in fundamental ways. [+]