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What the papers say

For a long time commodities were neglected by investors and financial commentators alike. While energy issues have been covered extensively for some years now, the media are only just starting to take an interest in agricultural issues, and more generally it is the whole commodities area that is returning today to centre stage.

Diapason has played a pioneering role by focusing on the unexploited potential of commodities and insisting that agricultural commodities, in the same way as metals and energy, could both balance and stimulate an investment portfolio.

Charisma and expertise
The fact that we were among the first to speak out in this way, combined with the charisma and expertise of our analysts and managers, naturally made media ears prick up. With staff profiles and analyses of our action, a flurry of press articles started to appear. You can find here a broad selection.

Press articles
Moissons de plus-values...   (21.08.2007)