Convictions need writing down

Research inevitably equates with communication. Taking the time to develop one’s analysis is the best way to share one’s convictions. Based on this experience, some of our staff have picked up their pens to put in perspective their perception of the commodities market.

For example, Sean Corrigan, the strategist and world-renowned commodities management specialist, has set out his thoughts on the business and financial cycle in his book, Santayana’s Curse in which he provides a series of rich historical illustrations as well as a conceptual model by means of which to analyze the modern world (available on





A comprehensive range of solutions covering
the whole spectrum of needs
Thanks to its unique expertise in the commodities management field, Diapason Commodities Management offers a comprehensive range of solutions covering the whole spectrum of investor needs. The commodities market is uncorrelated with share and bond fluctuations over the long term... [+]



Commodities Insight (25.07.2016)
Austerity is on the way out, fiscal spending is in: Can the trough of interest rates be far behind?
The main challenge facing the world economy is a shortfall in aggregate demand. This has been reflected in a surfeit of savings over investment, or equivalently, an excess of output over desired spending. The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) altered preferences in fundamental ways. [+]